Admission Policy

1) Admission Policy
  1. Issuing visa, such as student visa, accompany visa, from Chinese government is possible in our school legally. Our school has a school system composed of kindergarten, primary school ( an elementary school ), and secondary school ( a junior high school and a senior high school ). The students in kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school are issued with a student visa and an accompany visa for a parent.
  2. This school has been officially licensed by the Chinese government and the Shandong Provincial Office of Education.
  3. Our school is an educational institute that the Ministry of Education considers legal overseas educational institute.
  4. All the documents that are acquired in our school are valid in the process of entering universities.
2) The Process of Admission
  1. Admission counseling
  2. Dormitory and homestay decision
  3. Tuition fees
  4. Get a VISA
  5. English/ Math / Chinese Interview
  6. Admission : Select 1:1 class and select special activity based on the result of the entrance examination
3) Guidelines for applicants
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  1. No student may be selected without meeting the performance standards set by this school.
  2. G11 and G12 are divided into the science course and liberal arts Students under the required level cannot be accepted.
4) Other things
  1. Students can participate in classes used in English and Chinese language and are required to do one of these, A new student should :

    1. finish G9 course or the first semester of G9 based on Korean educational system
    2. or finish G9 course or the first semester of G9 based on American educational system by the December of the previous year
    3. or finish G8 course of QDGIS.
    4. A transfer student should finish the previous school year or the first semester of the previous school year.
  2. Special case students should discuss what grade is suitable for themselves with the school previously.
  3. Studying abroad sports

    1. Chinese and Korean university sports candidates
    2. In case of qualification as an athlete, admission is possible as a sports scholarship student.
5) Required documents (Applications sent via email)
– Application for admission :
1Application 1. Application
2. For more detailed information europa casino promo code. Basic investigation report and the previous school’s comprehensive record sheet
2Certificate of final educational background1. Certificate of enrollment
2. Certificate of graduation
3. Transcript
4. Student record
3Copy of passport1. 3 copies of a passport
4ID picture1. 10 ID Pictures
2. ID picture file

Tuition and Fees

> Admission fee, entrance exam, and school uniform are paid for once.
> The rest of costs are paid for once a semester. When paid by KRW, 2 more KRWs per 1 RMB should be added to the Foreign exchange ratio.
> The admission fee and the admission fee are paid in cash.
> Please ask by email as the school year award is given.
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