QDGIS offers education for all grades from the 1st grade to 12th. Middle school includes 7th and 8th grade, and high school offers 9th through 12th. Currently, there are about 150 students in high school, taking classes with teachers from all over the world.

Schule Curriculum

  • QDGIS curriculum is divided into 7 categories of subject areas – Korean, Chinese, English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, and art and sport.

  • It is designed for development of knowledge and personality. Being able to study with self-motivated attitude based on curiosity, creativity, and capability of problem-solving is the goal. Each student’s competency and developmental stage is always under consideration of teachers, which leads to constant testing and encouragement of self-development.

  • Each subject is divided into two to five different classes by the level of difficulty. Students can then decide which class to take based on their level of proficiency or interest.

  • Grade 9 and 10 has mandatory subjects in natural and social science, such as economy, geography, and world history.

  • There are 15 subject areas including AP courses for grade 11 and 12, which the students choose based on their interest and future career.

  • Honor Program is offered for the students with high academic potential or achievement. Though 9th and 10th grade students are not allowed to take some advanced courses such as AP courses, students who are accepted in Honor Program can take a few in advance.

  • Art and sport is another important subject area in QDGIS. Each student is to specialize in at least one sport and one musical instrument.

  • Sunshine Break is another program we offer for the well-being of the students. It consists of basic physical activities such as aerobics and team games.

  • Marching Drum class is another program that is mandatory in QDGIS. All classes in each grade practice marching drums every weak, learning cooperation and consideration for others. There are also Global Etiquette classes and Counseling classes that help students be ready for the world.

Advanced Placement Course

AP Course AP courses are offered for the students with high achievement in regular courses, with clear goals of further development in the subject area, or with potential and willpower to learn deeper knowledge. Grade 11 and 12 students decide based on their interest and capability, and grade 9 and 10 students in Honor Program are also allowed to take some AP courses. From 2016 to 2017, QDGIS has offered the following AP courses: AP Microeconomics AP Macroeconomics AP Psychology AP World History AP Comparative Government and Politics AP Physics Ⅰ AP Physics C Mech AP Physics C E&M AP Chemistry AP Biology Other than above classes in regular class hours, there are other classes offered after class hours for the students seeking guidance in their studies: AP Statistics, AP Physics Ⅱ, and AP Environmental Science. QDGIS also opens some classes under students demand, encouraging them to pursue their interest, be prepared, and challenge. It is our goal to have them see the results of their efforts, have a sense of achievement and success, and ultimately be confident of themselves.


HSK, Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì(汉语水平考试), is one of the most authoritative test to check students’ ability in Chinese. HSK has the biggest authority as a test for foreigners. The committee of National HSK of Chinese Education Department currently makes exam questions, grading, and gives out certifications. Studying HSK helps students develop their Chinese and the certificate is used as reference data for entering universities around the world. QDGIS is one of the official test centers of HSK and students of QDGIS take the test at their own school.


TOEIC tests the proficiency in English as an international language. TOEIC focuses on the ability to communicate and the test result is used for reference data when entering universities. QDGIS is one of the official test centers of TOEIC and students of QDGIS take the test at their own school.


ACT(The American College Testing Program) is the standardized study achievement test which is supervised by the United States America’s exam organization; ACT. ACT is divided into four categories; English Test, Mathematics Test, Reading Test, and Science Reasoning Test. The test result is used as reference data for major universities in the states as SAT also is. QDGIS is one of the official test centers of ACT and students of QDGIS take the test at their own school.

Prep Center

The official subject courses of QDGIS are systematically organized and are planned to meet the educational purpose efficiently with the connection of various activities in school. On top of the official subject courses, there is the Prep Center which counsels and helps students planning for entering prestigious universities all over the world. If there is a need and request of students, Prep Center offers classes after analyzing the students’ study abilities as it deliver information about various exams and help prepare for them.

LQ Education Consultants System

The LQ Education Foundation has a team of education consultants, a worldwide community of experts, from the organization of education consultants, that provides advice on how to operate training courses and programs for private schools in Korea. In addition, we provide individuals with detailed and discriminatory consulting on entering prestigious universities in Korea, prestigious universities in China, and medical schools in the world.

Galaxy Soccer Club

The school operates youth and youth soccer clubs and youth football clubs. We are conducting training with professional Korean coaches and coaches to improve students ‘ interest in sports and professional skills in soccer. Also, for high school students who choose sports related majors, we are responsible for soccer study programs for sports students with proper training and student management.

Galaxy Culture Center

This school operates a cultural center with students, parents, and community members participating in the center. We offer a variety of community and cultural classes, such as English and Chinese, as well as small business classes, parent sports, etc., to share their parents ‘ interests and enjoy leisure life

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