Dorm Life

Our school offers the boarding program for the students abroad. The dormitory provides comfortable facilities and is managed by the matron of a dormitory and teachers. The boarding program is run like these.

Counseling activities are regularly given to the students individually or in groups, concerning safety management and culture of delicate sentiments.

Programs for self-study at night, culture of human nature, a course after graduation, and physical training are run.

The dormitory building is equipped with its own study hall so that students can study self-initiated after school.

Students can participate in Chinese and English learning and a lot of sports activities through weekend boarding program.

Our school’s boarding program is run with counseling for youth and a course for students’ emotional and psychological stability under teacher’s consideration and the management with.

Offering Services

Our school is located 20 Km away from Liuting Airport in Qingdao and close enough to take 20 minutes to go there by express bus. The students living in our dormitory is provided with pickup service once at the entrance.


The dormitory as a part of boarding school provides students with comfortable and sanitary facilities made of cypress tree to prevent sick building syndrome.
  • A up-to-date restroom per each room

  • A bed and a closet per person

  • Air conditioning and heating system

  • A lounge for boarding students alone

  • A dormitory for boarding students alone

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